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Led by a highly competent and committed management team with extensive experience in the development, implementation, distribution, and promotion of IT solutions for the travel industry
Partnership Network
  • Travel agencies, Tour operators, airlines
  • Hospitality – hotels, owners of other accommodation facilities
  • Start-ups and other service providers in the travel industry
  • Partners in related industries (rental cars, shuttles, yachts and more)
Addressable Market
  • 14 years in the development, implementation and maintenance of IT solutions for the travel industry
  • 50+ staff in place and remotely
  • 18 clients worldwide
  • HQ in Russia, Switzerland and Tunisia
  • Successfully released projects
Travel market
    • Our products meet the new realities of the travel market
    • We are taking part in the transformation and digitalization of the travel market
    • We know that organized trips are becoming less popular, with travelers rather opting for self-booking
    • The travel market is witnessing an increased demand for a new type of bleisure (business + leisure)
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